Improvements to meet the evolving times

As you know, a lot has happened in the last year and a half.  Everyone is having to modify and adapt to a new way of life.  It was enough to make me realize that the way we do business needs to be improved to meet the challenging times.  And we need to be ready for any new challenges that are ahead.

Our first improvement is the implementation of a new way of communicating with us. 

Effective this week we are implementing a software program that will make your life easier.

Here are some of the advantages:

Secure communication with us using real-time messaging instead of e-mail, or text, or fax

Electronic signatures made easier

Secure portal for your tax return copies

Access by either your PC/Tablet or Mobile Phone App

Document scanner for the Mobile Phone App

Contactless tax preparation, if needed

After a fair amount of time researching, we have decided that a company named Liscio was the best fit for you, our clients, as well as our firm.  This service is being offered to you free of charge because we have confidence that it will allow both of us to communicate and exchange documents more efficiently.  It is truly a secure and private hotline between the two of us.  There is no more searching through endless e-mails or worrying about e-mail being hacked.  Any Liscio message you send to us goes directly to the person needed, and if that person is out it is routed to someone else who will take care of you.

The app also allows us to digitally load your tax return copies in a secure personal portal that is always available.  Additionally, the document scanner for the Mobile Phone app is a fantastic feature that allows you to take quick pics on your phone and send to us almost seamlessly through the app, no more scanning or faxing.

Soon you will receive an invitation to sign-up or download the app.  Instructions will be included and everyone in our office will be able to assist you with signing up, just give us a call if needed.  We will also post some instructions and video links on this blog page at our website,

Of course, we will be happy to service you without the app if you choose.  The only exceptions are that all e-signatures will only be through Liscio, as well as providing your return copies digitally instead of on paper, and we will no longer send any sensitive tax information at all through e-mail for security reasons.

The second improvement is to offer to you the level of service that you need. 

The first level of service will be Standard.  At the Standard level, tax preparedness and compliance will be a top priority.  Your tax return preparation falls into this category if your information is neatly organized and little or no year-round assistance is needed.  This is the most economical level of service.

For returns that are more involved or clients that need more feedback and advice we are offering a Preferred service.  One reason we call it Preferred is because we “prefer” that most clients choose this level.  With Preferred service you get additional communications and reminders from us, not only during the preparation of the return but also throughout the year.  The cost of the Preferred service is about $100 to $200 more than the Standard.

We also offer an Executive service for clients that need year-round assistance.  It includes unlimited tax estimating, planning, and advice along with preparation that stresses complete compliance and verification. If you are interested in the Executive service, give us a call and let’s talk about it.

Our goal is to make your individual income tax experience with us as painless and drama-free as possible while still understanding that compliance is critical.  With all the recent discussion in D.C. about possible tax law changes, there is a potential for rough waters ahead income tax wise.  No matter what is thrown at us whether it be tax changes or another outside issue that is out of our control, I want you to know that we will continue to provide complete personal service focused on your personal needs.